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Nick, Author at Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

Common Sources of Water Damage in Carpets

Common Sources of Water Damage in Carpets

Carpet Water Restoration

Water damage in carpets and rugs can be a cause of major health concern in both residential and commercial premises. Seeing how all it takes is a leaking pipe, a backed up sewage system, or an overflowing toilet gone unnoticed for a couple of hours, water damage in carpeting is a pretty common phenomenon. Sources […]

How To Restore Sewage Water Damaged Carpet?

Restore Sewage Water Damaged Carpet

Sewage water damage is a common problem, also known as toilet backflow or sewage backflow or drain backup. It happens when sewage water overflows from the toilet and cause flooding in the premises when the water reaches to the carpet, it damages the carpet heavily. Once the sewage flow stops, the leftover water makes the […]