Carpet Mould Damage Removal Melbourne

Cleanliness of carpets is crucial for a healthy home and office. Water damage in carpets can give rise to formation of mould, mildew, and harmful bacteria in your premises. Mould damage in carpets can occur due to many reasons, such as leak in sewage system, overflow in sink, or a natural disaster like flood. These accidents can have a substantial effect on the overall condition of your carpets and rugs.

One must respond quickly in order to avoid extensive water damage and cost of repair. Mould and bacteria take hold and cause innumerable health hazards as soon as your carpets are soaked in flood water. They release harmful and dangerous microbes which can trigger severe allergic reactions.

The optimal course of action in dealing with carpet mould damage is to consult a professional service. Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne provides quick, effective, and reliable carpet mould damage removal Melbourne services at most affordable prices. We can help you restore your valuable carpets to their pristine condition.

Our Carpet Mould Damage Removal Melbourne Process

  1. Assessment of Contamination: –

    Our team of professional technicians begin by assessing the extent of mould damage in your carpet. This is done using special monitors and instruments which map out the contamination of mould in your carpet. Our aim is identification of the root of mould damage in carpet structure which enables us to recommend the best method for addressing it. We make sure that the issue does not recur again. You can rely on our carpet mould damage removal Melbourne for 100% customer satisfaction.

  2. Scope of Treatment and Quotation: –

    On the basis of our assessment, we will carefully plan out a treatment method for removal, cleaning, repair, and disinfection of affected carpets. We can also send the outline of this detailed assessment and restoration report to your insurance provider to support your damage claim.

We also provide an estimated cost of carpet mould damage removal Melbourne and time required for it. You can schedule the inspection and treatment as per your convenience.

  1. Elimination of Excess Moisture: –

    The treatment starts with absorption and elimination of excess water in carpets. This is one of the root cause which stimulates growth of mould and bacteria. One needs professional carpet water damage services to dry a carpet completely after flood. Leaving them to dry off on their own can cause mould and mildew to thrive.

  2. Containment of Mould and Bacteria: –

    This step involves sealing off and covering nearby rugs and furniture in order to contain further spread during carpet mould damage removal Melbourne.

  3. Elimination of Mould and Mould Odour: –

    Removal of mould damage from carpets begins at this stage. We use appropriate and suitable methods in accordance with the age of carpet and species of mould. We also consider the material used in carpets, the extent of mould damage, and the period for which mould has been present in carpets. Even minor issues require professional treatment to bring back the original shine and lustre in carpets. The surfaces which are deemed to be non-restorable due to extensive mould damage are cut off and replaced with same patterns.

Expert Carpet Mould Removal

Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne uses high powered vacuums to pull and remove mould spores from carpets which have been contaminated. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers are employed throughout the treatment to trap dead spores in the air, eliminating the possibility of recurrence of damage. After mould is completely removed from carpets, our experts vacuum and clean nearby surfaces which might have absorbed mould spores in the air.

  1. Carpet Drying: –

    Once the removal and clean-up of mould is finished, we commence drying of the affected areas to absorb spare moisture and water in carpets and surrounding air. This prevents possibility of mould growth in future. It is very important that the primary root of mould damage is tackled.

  2. Carpet Structure Restoration: –

    Our trained and certified carpet mould damage removal Melbourne technicians have the required skill and knowledge to restore carpets to their original condition. From cleaning to stain removal, Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne can restore any carpet damage. Our team of professional technicians understand flood water damage in carpets and know how to deal with them.

Carpet Mould Damage Removal Equipment

Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne uses the latest water extraction and moisture detection tools and equipment:

  • Moisture detectors
  • High powered vacuums
  • Air purifiers
  • Temperature detectors
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Blowers

Professional Carpet Mould Removal

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